1. Sodium Chloride salt for softeners
2. Calcium hypochlorite 65-70%
3. Ferric Chloride 40% 
4. Sodium metabisulphite powder
5. Sodium Bromide.
6. Bromine Tablets suppliers in uae, Dubai, Sharjah.
7. Sodium Nitrite.
8. Sodium Molybdate
9. Phenolphthalein White
10. Caustic Soda liquid, Prills and flakes.
11.Ferrous Sulphate.
12.Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC). 
13.Calcium Nitrate.
14.Calcium Chloride.
15.Sodium Sulphite.
16.Silica Sand and Gravel filtration media.
17.Birm and Anthracite.
18.Hydrazine Hydrate.
19.Carbohydrazide liquid and powder.
20.Cobalt Sulphate.
21.Zinc Chloride and Zinc Sulphate
22.Borax Pentahydrate and Borax Decahydrate
23.Citric acid solution and powder.
24.Sodium Hexameta phosphate. 

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